The Naas Child & Family Project ( NCFP) which is part of In Sync Youth and Family Services provides a free therapeutic service to families who live in Naas town, Sallins village and Johnstown village and/or to children and families who attend Naas schools.

As parents some of us manage the day to day challenges of parenting surrounded by family, friends, neighbours and community. We worry at times about our children and young people and there are some bumps along the parenting path. However overall life is good and we know that our children are doing ok. They are making friends, playing, socialising in groups, going to after school activities and doing well in school.

This is not the case for some parents living in our community. Parents or/and their child can experience some traumatic events. Some parents can feel isolated and lonely and have no support to keep them energised and motivated in their parenting role. Some parents can lose their confidence and self esteem and others report losing their parenting authority. Parents can become very stressed when trying to manage challenging behaviour or school avoidance. Parents can become anxious, sad and depressed for a range of reasons and that is why NCFP is here for you.

Children and young people can experience separation, loss and bereavement and while most will cope with these issues in a supportive family, some will need further professional help to manage in their daily lives. Children react in so many different ways to challenges they encounter and this can impact them in their day to day activities. Children may experience low mood and have incessant worries from a young age. Some children may be defiant and can find it difficult to accept rules and boundaries. Children and young people can find it a challenge to make friends and to keep up with school work. Children and young people can find it difficult to talk about their feelings and emotions and as a result can find themselves getting into all types of difficulties when it is not their fault. Some children and young people may experience low self esteem and lack confidence and can be withdrawn.

NCFP invites you to answer some questions to help you decide if you need professional help for you and your child.

  • Have you lost hope and belief in your parenting? Please remember you are not alone.
  • Do you wake up each morning concerned about what today will be like for you as a parent?
  • Are you concerned that your child may not be meeting their full potential?
  • Is your child’s behaviour putting a lot of strain on family life and in school settings?
  • Do you find yourself walking on eggshells with your child?

If you have answered yes to some of the above questions and would like to talk to someone please get in touch with Jayne at 045 898623 or email You can also drop into our office at Unit 39 First Floor, Naas Town Centre, Naas, Co.Kildare where the project is located. You can chat to your GP, PHN, child’s teacher and/or other professionals and they can make a referral on your behalf.

The Naas Child and Family Project works with and supports parents and children from birth to 18 years old in a trauma informed manner. We are a multi disciplinary team of professionals with expertise in child development, attachment, separation,loss and bereavement, school related difficulties, emotional regulation and dysregulation,parenting, mental health challenges and in many additional areas of need.