Leixlip Youth Project

As a voluntary youth led project the activities are very much led by the groups.

Who we are

Leixlip Youth Project is part of In Sync Youth and Family Services. Leixlip Youth Project is a youth project based in North Kildare for over 20 years. We are an inclusive service working with young people from different cultural backgrounds empowering young people to reach their full potential.

We work together to develop and support young people in our community. Our target groups are young people aged 10 to 20 years from the Leixlip area.

What we do

Leixlip Youth Project are passionate about designing and delivering issue based programmes in order to informally educate and support some of the most at risk and hard to reach young people in North Kildare. Leixlip Youth Project offers support and positivity to young people. We work to encourage and empower young people to realise their creativity and full potential.

What we offer

Leixlip Youth Project delivers planned programmes with young people to promote equality and social inclusion whilst encouraging young people to express themselves, their opinions and needs and to have a voice in society. We engage young people in activities they enjoy and provide opportunities for the young people to learn life skills and new skills that will enable them to become proactive and productive in their communities.


Quotes from LYP members:

“Leixlip Youth Project is all about communication and understanding the life ahead of us and how to tackle different situations that may come to you in life. It also gives people an opportunity to try and make more friends and interact with different people in the same age group and do different activities based on your interests”

“You can make new friends, have fun and learn more about others in Leixlip Youth Project”