Who we are

Kildare LGBT+ is a youth group for LGBTI+ young people aged 14-18. It is a drop in centre that is free of charge for young people and friends. KLGBT+ provide a space for young people to hang out and develop friendships with like minded people, feel included and share their experiences in a safe environment with support from members of the Youth Work Team and trained volunteers.

Young people will have the opportunity to express themselves through art, bake, attend workshops on a range of LGBT+ issues, build their confidence and just hang out and have fun.

What we do

KLGBTI+ offers a regular space for young LGBTI+ people to relax and to engage with the issues that matter to them in a safe space with our youth workers, volunteers and each other. We help young people to build their confidence in themselves and meet other young people with similar experiences while offering a range of projects and activities for them to get involved in.

What we offer

  • A relaxing and safe space to be yourself
  • Support from our youth workers and incredible volunteers
  • A range of arts and crafts, and other activities including painting, cooking, photography, workshops, board games, video games, mask making, and trips to Dublin Pride