Kildare Youth Services, announces a major rebranding to reflect the organisations growth
and the variety of services we now provide for the community. Kildare Youth Services is now
in sync Youth and Family Services.

The organisation will officially launch its new branding, in sync, on the 16th of February
with an online event. As part of this event, in sync will also launch their new Strategic Plan
(2021-2023), which sets out the key priorities for the organisation for the next period. This
plan was developed alongside young people, volunteers, staff, as well as our external
partners and funders.

Tom Dunne, CEO of in sync said “This is a really exciting time for us, as we roll out this
new identity over the coming months. This is a significant change for any organisation, we
respect that the name Kildare Youth Services has a long history. Our name has evolved at
different points in our history as our work has broadened. We look at this as a further
evolution for the organisation that reflects the positive growth we have experienced in recent

The rebrand came about in the latter part of 2020 when the Board of in sync were
motivated by feedback from young people, volunteers and staff to commission a review of
the organisational name and branding. The feedback thus far has been really positive:

“It looks fresh and innovative”

“It truly represents the breadth of work you do”

“I think it really reflects our way of working and encompasses our whole service in a very simple way”

Ger Conlon, Chairperson of in sync said “The rationale for in sync is based on the
organisation’s values and approach to their work. By putting young people and children at
the centre and working with their families and community, we develop creative interventions
which lead to better outcomes. Experience tells us that everything is connected. We cannot
help people without first understanding their family situation and wider community. Only then
can things fall into place and real progress be made. When that happens, we know we are
doing our job because everything is in sync, everything is working well together.”